Sweet treats

Sweet treats

Did you ever wish for a healthy but still tasty and sweet treat to go with your coffee? God knows I did.

Chocolate tasting truffles from heaven.

I never quite managed to find the right healthy thing for a snack with my coffee. Certainly a whole grain biscuit is not the answer for someone like me with a sweet tooth. And believe me I tried more than once, and all sorts of different types. Carrots or apples wasn’t the answer either, it just doesn’t work with coffee. To satisfy that craving you have for something sweet after a meal or to eat with your coffee, it just has to be well….. sweet.

One thing I discovered is that if you have a craving for a specific food you might as well have a bit of just that (and keep it to a bit:-) instead of trying to eat something healthier. I don’t know if you are the same as me, but I used to do that a lot when I was younger. It never fulfilled my ‘need for sweet’ and I ended up eating all sort of different things that I didn’t actually want to eat, instead of just eating what I really wanted in moderation. The key word being in moderation, and that is where I should have focused my energy!

The thing is, most sweets contains no nutrients what so ever, and it would be nice to be able to eat sweets that actually qualifies as being real food. So I’ve been working on perfecting these delicious chocolate tasting treats made with organic dried fruits and nuts. I discovered that if I cover them in dark chocolate and add a bit of orange liqueur they are like little pieces of truffles made in heaven. And the best thing is, they go phenomenally with my beloved hazelnut coffee. They have no added sugar, colourants or preservatives, they are made from whole food. I try to find as many affordable organic ingredients as possible in my local super market, but you can make them 0 % organic and they are still fine. If you make them for/with your children you can leave out the liqueur and maybe substitute it with a bit of orange juice or just make them without liquid. If you are busy you can leave the dark chocolate covering and just roll the balls in cacao powder, shredded coconut or chopped nuts.

So give them a try, they are easy to make and taste great. Don’t forget they taste exactly the same even if your kids help you or if you are new in the kitchen and they don’t turn out picture perfect.

I was able to buy all my ingredients in my local supermarket just down the road.  I would like to add that you can of course experiment with the combination of dried fruits and nuts, just make sure the dried fruits are soft. You can also do them just with dates if you don’t want to buy and store several kinds of dried fruits.


150 gr. of chopped dried organic dates.

150 gr. of chopped dried organic figs.

6 tbsp of ground coconut.

2 tbsp of organic coconut fat, I prefer the one with the coconut flavour, not neutral flavour.

20 chopped almonds.

12 chopped walnuts.

6 tbsp organic cacao.

1/2 a stick of vanilla.

1 1/2 tbsp. orange liqueur optional.

pinch of salt.

100 gr. of chopped up organic vegan dark chocolate for melting and covering.
(if you read the label most dark chocolate is dairy free)

Mix fruits and nuts and the rest of the ingredients in a food processor. Process until it’s all sticking together. Roll it into balls or the shape you prefer. Melt your chocolate either in a saucepan over hot water or in the microwave. Be careful not to use to much heat. The chocolate should not be more than 31 dg. warm. (As you can see from my photo, my chocolate probably got to warm and turned out a bit grey-is. The good news is, it still taste of chocolate:-)

Cover your truffle balls with chocolate. I put it on with a tea spoon, not to waste the chocolate, but you can of course use other methods. Sprinkle on some decoration to you liking. I’ve used nuts, shredded coconut, almonds and dried raspberries and some gold thing my daughter had form christmas.

Make a cup of coffee, pour your children a glass of milk, 

and enjoy, Tina

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