Pickled Rose hips.

Pickled Rose hips.


Pickled Rose hips

-served with coconut cream.


When you live in Denmark there is plenty of coastline, and along the beaches are a lot of rose hip bushes. So pretty in spring with all their pink and white flowers, making the air literally smell of roses. Although it has been put on the list of unwanted plants in Denmark because it is suffocating all other vegetation, I still think we can enjoy the benefits while it’s still here, but don’t feel inclined to plant the rosebush in your garden.  In autumn they are full of rose hips fruits and they are organic, free and edible. So gather you family, bring a picnic or just a cup of coffee and go to the beach ( or where you find them in your neighbourhood ) collecting rose hips.

I must admit I never thought of eating rose hips myself, only knowing from my childhood that it had nasty itchy stuff inside, that the boys at school use to plague you with. But my mother had other positive memories of rose hips. All autumn my grand parents had a big jar of pickled rose hips in the kitchen, and they served as a little piece of sweet in the days where sweets were not something you had other than for christmas. So my mother had made some pickled rose hips and I reluctantly tried it.

Funny how your brain works, because I eat almost everything or at least I’m willing to try. But the rose hips had such negative feelings attatched to it that I felt like I was eating worms (which is one thing I would not even think of trying). So after a little self persuasion I did try the rose hips, and they tasted so nice and the sirup with it is divine, when you have a sweet tooth like I do.

All I can say is that it is worth trying.


Pickled Rose hips recipe:

8 pers.

1 kg of Rose hips ( if you pick them in the wild chances are they are organic)

500 gr. of organic sugar.

1 dl. vinagra.

2 1/2 dl. water.

1/2 a bean of vanilla.

Preservative such as benzoic acid or atamon in danish (you have to read the instruction on the packet)

1/4 l. coconut cream.


-cut the ends of the fruit and clean all the seeds out with the other end of a tea spoon.

-scrape the vanilla out of the bean and mash it into a bit of sugar.

-boil vinagra, sugar, vanilla-sugar and water until the sugar is dissolved.

-put the Rose hips and the bean of vanilla in and boil for about 20-25 mi. depending on how ripe the fruit is.

-take it of the heat and take the bean from the vanilla out

-add the atamon or some preservation.

-Put it into clean glasses.

-whip the coconut cream, and serve it on top of the pickled rose hips.


Serve in tall glasses. Make sure to put both sirup and rose hips in the glasses and then whipped cream on top. Easy and delicious, and a bit different.

The pickled rose hips will last at least a couple of months, and after they have been opened I store them in the fridge.


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