Organic carrot buns.

Organic carrot buns.

These delicious carrot buns are made with sunflower seeds and oat. A healthier option for an afternoon snack or to go with your lunch or a pasta salad. All the ingredients are available in every super market, so they are easy to find and the recipe is easy to bake.

Also the bread is easy to eat, so be aware not to eat too many:-)
I have put organic in the recipe for the fairly cheap organic options, but you can of course bake the bun as you please.

For this recipe all the ingredients are available in my local super market at a very fair price so I can make them 100% organic, nearly without any extra cost. So have a look and see what you can buy where you live.

The recipe:

50 gr. of organic yeast.

5 dl. of luke warm water.

1 tsps. organic sugar.

80 gr. of fine organic oat (2 dl.)

110 gr. of organic sun flower seeds (2 dl.)

1 dl. organic rape seed oil (or other oil)

2 organic coarsely graded carrot.

2 tsp. salt

650 gr. organising flour (9 dl.)

1. Dissolve the yeast in the luke warm water together with the sunflower seeds and the oat for them to soak a bit of water and turn nice and soft. I find that 3.5 dl og cold tap water mixed with 1.5 dl of boiling water gives a lukewarm temperature.

2. Mix in the oil, carrots, sugar and salt and stir it a bit before adding in the flour.

3. Knead it on the mixer for about 10 mi. on a low speed or by hand if you don’t have a mixer. The dough has to be quite soft and sticky , but not runny.

4. Let the dough rise for about 1 hour depending on your room temperature to double the size. Place the dough on the oven plates with two spoons that you dip in water from time to time . Make 12-14 pieces.

5. Let the buns rise a bit more while the oven gets warm.

5. Bake at 250 gr. for about 15 mi. (As I have mentioned before ovens are not the same, so have a look at your buns to judge when they are ready.)

Enjoy the buns straight from the oven just as they are.

They freeze well, and are best frozen when they are freshly baked, but cold. I often put them in my kids lunches. I just take a carrot bun from the freezer in the morning and that way it’s close to freshly baked when it’s defrosted by lunch time.

2 thoughts on “Organic carrot buns.”

  • Thank you for this recipe : I tried it and the result was delicios! I added more carrots as stated here and I used the mass which was left after making carrots juice, as I always want to reuse that and not put it in the organic bin.

    • Hi Claudia. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on the recipe. I’m so glad you like it. It’s such a great idea to reuse the carrot juice:-)

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