Homemade mulled wine for that Danish Christmas hygge.

Homemade mulled wine for that Danish Christmas hygge.

Homemade mulled wine or gløgg as we call it in Denmark, is one of the Christmas traditions we return to every year in our family. It tastes of christmas and smells of Danish hygge.
I make it myself every year, and once you discover how easy it is to make and how much better it tastes, you will never go back to the ready made versions. It’s nearly as easy as boiling water.
I always try to make it as organic as possible, but you make your choice as you choose. I must admit though, that it’s difficult to find all the spices in an organic version in my local supermarkets, so I buy what I can get locally. Also I do not necessarily use our organic wine for this christmas drink, it depends on how expensive it is. I normally don’t spend a lot of money on a wine that I’m going to dilute. One thing I do always make sure to buy organic is the oranges. Especially if I’m going to use the peel as we are going to in this case. If you can’t find organic oranges make sure to wash the peel thoroughly before using it.

Recipe for 6-8 people.

5 dl of water.
Peel of one organic orange.
Juice of one organic orange.
1 dl of organic brown sugar.
20 whole cloves.
2 sticks of cinnamon.
20 whole cardamom.
1 tsp. of fennel seeds.
10 star anise.
1L. of organic red wine.
1 dl. organic raisins.
1 dl. almonds.

1. Wash the organic orange and cut off the orange bit of the peel, leaving the pith (the white bit) on the orange. Squeeze out the juice into the water.
2. Pour the water/orange juice into a saucepan, and add all the ingredients. Let it simmer at low heat for about 10 minutes. It’s best left to soak in the fridge or another cool place until the next day. It can be used immediately if you are impatient, which I sometimes am the first time I make mulled wine at the beginning of the Christmas season, so don’t feel guilty:-)
3. Boil the almonds and then pinch of the skin. Chop them up.
4. Sieve the extract and throw out the spices.
5. Add the red wine, the raisins and the almonds to the extract and heat without boiling to at least 75 dg.
6. Just before serving the mulled wine, you may add a tiny bit of rum, gin or snaps, but you can easily leave it out as well.

The essence of Danish Christmas hygge.

This is my favourite Christmas drink, and it tastes even better after a long winters walk. You come back home, light some candles and cuddle up on the sofa with your family. You close your eyes and taste every sip of this heart warming drink. This is truly the essence of Danish Christmas hygge to me.
If you want you can make smaller portions. The extract will last at least for a week or two in the fridge. For 2 glasses of mulled wine, I will use 2 dl. of the extract and 4 dl. of red wine, some raisins and almonds. I may skip the almonds for smaller portions because it’s a lot of extra work on days where we may have limited time.
On a final note. We do not quite agree on the sweetness of this drink in our household, so you may want to play around with the amount of sugar, or you may add sweetness to your mulled wine by adding more raisins.

I hope you will enjoy this homemade mulled wine for some Danish hygge,

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