Goose berry crumble.

Goose berry crumble.

It’s berry season and therefore time to bake pies and crumbles with all those tasty berries. You can use any berries for your pies and crumbles, only your imagination is your limit. If you add in 200 gr. of raspberries (or another red or blue berry) and then only use half the amount of goose berries, the crumble will have a really pretty colour as well.
In our garden we have a few goose berry bushes and this year they carried quite a lot of berries. They contain a lot of water so after my first soggy pie I decide to put some of our apples in. Apples contain pectin and that will help thicken up the juice in the crumble a bit, in my opinion that worked a lot better, and did not spoil the taste at all.


The fruit layer.

400 gr. of goose berries
200 gr. of apples not too ripe.
125 gr. of brown sugar.
-a bit of cinnamon, I love cinnamon and used 1 tsp.

The crumble layer:

120 gr. of chopped almonds.
125 gr. of vegan butter.
250 gr. of flour.
-a pinch of fresh grated nutmeg.

-Cut the end bit off the goose berries, and cut them in half.
-Peel the apples and chop them up.
– Put the apples and goose berries in a tray and put the brown sugar and cinnamon on top.
-Mix the almonds, butter, flour and nutmeg until it’s looking like bread crumbs.
-Cover the fruit layer with the crumble dough.
-Bake 30 mi. at 200 gr.

-serve with vegan sour cream or yoghurt.

The Crumble will last a couple of days in the fridge.

Enjoy, Tina.

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