Find your local magic.

Find your local magic.

Wet shoes, sand in my socks and the cries of the seagulls lingering in my ears.
It’s such a good feeling. I love starting my day like this.
I’m just back from my morning walk and ready to take on a new day all filled up with calm energy.
I go for a walk every single morning. I find it’s the best way to start my day and I love the quiet time to myself. I tend to get overwhelmed easily so quiet time to just be present, is essential to me. I actually feel like something is missing, if for one reason or the other I cannot go for that walk in the morning. The fresh air, the birds sining, the sun rising or the rain in my face while walking through the morning dew, that is life to me.

It very often ends up being the same walk though, but I’m lucky, because I live next to a small park and walking distance from both wild nature and fields. But even when I was younger and living in the city I went for walks just outside my front door in the suburbs.
I find that if I have to drive or bike somewhere before I can go for a walk, it gets too time consuming and I end up not going. So round my neighbourhood is where I walk most of my walks. It doesn’t need to be a long walk, I normally walk for about 20-40 mi. depending on how much time I have that day.
If you do a 30 mi. walk I find it’s enough to leave you fresh and ready for a work. It also leaves you with that great sense of accomplicement already from the beginning of the day.

Some days it’s nice to see something else. So today it’s the last day of my holiday, and even though the rest of my family is back to school and work, I still enjoy this last day. So it’s just me and my camera. I had to drive my son to school, because his school bus card has not arrived yet. I take that as an opportunity to go somewhere else today now that I’m out driving anyway.
I put on my walking shoes and grap my camera and go for my morning walk by the bay. The change of scenery is necessary from time to time. But I also love exploring my own neighbourghood, and finding new things I have never seen before. Finding that local magic, that is everywhere.

Over the years on instagram many of you have commented on the beauty of where I live., but I believe there is beauty to be found everywhere. If you find it difficult to find the beauty where you live, I noticed that bringing my camera was a big game changer for me. You have to look at the scenery differently when you want to capture a photo. It can just be the camera on your phone, then it’s also not so heavy to walk around with. When you look at the world through the camera lens you can crop out unattractive things like for instance a big ugly chimney, a factory buildings, a bin or other less beautiful things, and then you will begin to notice all the beauty that is around you, even though you may think that it is not there. It can be everything from the obvious flower to some interesting shades or colours on a wall. Just start looking and try different things. You can always delete your photo and try again.
I captured all of my photos in this blog post at the same location on this morning and just out of sight in all the beautiful nature is the power plant. So yes, there is an ugly power plant, but as you can see from my photos there is also a lot of breathtaking nature to be found. Although I’m not much of at street style photographer myself, there is plenty of inspiration to be found on for instance instagram for taking great photos in city areas, even if just for yourself.

I hope this little post inspired you to go out exploring your neighbourhood with your camera. You might even want to get up early tomorrow morning, and try a nice morning walk with you camera and see what you can find just outside your house. Also the light in your photos will look amazing at sunrise and what’s more beautiful than the sunrise..

Enjoy your mornings, Tina.

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