Hi, I’m Tina.

I love my freshly ground Hazelnut flavoured coffee and nature walks, preferably combined. Introverted as I am, I’m most happy in when I get some quiet time to myself or when I finish a sewing project with a good result exceeding my expectations.
I’m also the tailor and nutritionist behind this blog, and I’m so pleased to welcome you to this corner of my creative world. I hope you will want to stay a few minutes.

This blog has a solid foundation in my life long interest in sewing and nutrition. Already as a little girl I was sewing my own dresses out of old bed sheets and cooking funny dishes with what I could find in our garden. Interests that I carried with me into adulthood and finally made me end up with two educations. First I became a nutritionist, the sensible choice. Then later a women’s tailor, the passionate choice.

I always loved making something out of nothing and I also love past times. Therefore I very often work with what I have got, what nature supplies me with and what I can thrift or reuse. This blog is my creative outlet where I will put my fashion and food inspiration into words and photos and share it with you, to encourage you to do the same. To sum it up, most of my work has a solid base in nostalgia, recycling and nature.


A bit about my life.

I’m 48 years old and I’m slowly catching up with my old soul. I still live in the area of Denmark where I grew up, after having lived in various other places including other countries (South Africa, Great Britain, Brazil and Chile). In 2013 my two children, my british husband and I moved into an old house from the 1970’s. Not the most photogenic house, but with a view of the park where in summer we get to enjoy 5 calfs muh-ing at 5 am. I love my home town, and most of my photos are taken in our local area. After years of longing to return to my birth place Aarhus, I treasure every minute I get to spend in the countryside of east Jutland. I have grown into being a huge fan of staycation and getting to know and appreciate your local area. Spending some time finding all the secret spectacular places near you, can be as exciting as travelling far away and so much more accessible in your daily life.


Before I had children I was a tailor apprentice training with Martha Hetting Haute Couture in Copenhagen and Marianne Fassler Leopard frock in Johannesburg, to mention the two most important ones. I had the most amazing time during my training, and I loved every minute of it. I had finally landed in what I knew was my right element. Sewing and creating. When I finished my apprenticeship in 2000 I worked several freelance tailoring jobs in the different countries where I lived, and gathered little nuggets of tailoring knowledge. 

Then I had two children and shortly after became a single mother. So for 11 years  I worked running kids lunches. Again, the sensible choice. I finished off my lunch-work by turning it 60% organic and gaining the danish silver label without raising the cost considerably, something I’m very proud of. I still love to cook, and I especially love to bake cakes with my daughter. The recipes I will be sharing will be simple and easy to make. Easy enough for children to participate.
After quitting my job running the school lunches in 2016 due to arthritis, I have worked part time in a fabric shop for 2 years, combined with sewing wedding dresses for private customers. If you are interested you can see some of my dresses under Tilu Couture. I have also brushed up on my sewing skills that had got a bit rusty during the 11 years of being a working single mother. You can see some of my own creations under Tailorstale and of course in my blog posts and on instagram @tailorstale

Live the best version of you

This blog is also a reflection of my journey towards that goal. Living sustainably and with creative fulfilment. I’m a huge believer in getting to live the best version of you, just by starting and learn how to work with what you’ve already got. Starting with yourself, one step at a time.

Good things take time.

Please enjoy, Tina